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Default Prevention Resource Information

Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP)
Federal Student Aid is committed to assisting schools with efforts that educate students about their loan repayment obligation, encourage successful repayment, and address delinquent repayment when it occurs. By employing evaluation, prevention, and outreach activities, schools can work in advance to reduce the risk of default by their students. Ultimately, this intervention will assist schools in managing their cohort default rates.
Through this page, Federal Student Aid consolidates delinquency and default prevention resources in one location for schools. The information is organized into key topical areas below and other useful contact, Web site, training, and guidance links to the right. Each time we update this page, a notice will appear on the IFAP Web site’s "What’s New" page and in the IFAP subscription e-mail.

In addition to default prevention assistance, Federal Student Aid provides cohort default rate (CDR) support for schools and default resolution support for student and parent borrowers. Our federal loan servicers also provide delinquency and default prevention support for schools and borrowers. To obtain each type of assistance, click on the applicable link under "Contact Information" in the top right corner of this page.

Default Prevention Resources -
Encouraging Successful Repayment
Click on items in this box to access repayment preparation resources for borrowers. These include information about entrance and exit counseling, repayment plans, and deferment/forbearance options.
Entrance Counseling on
Exit Counseling on
Repayment Plans
Deferment and Forbearance
Loan Information Resources
Default Prevention Resources -
Addressing Delinquency
Click on items in this box to access delinquency assistance resources for schools. These include information about planning around needs, implementing preventive activities, and executing outreach.

NEW – Default Prevention Plan Submission Overview (For Schools with 3-Year Cohort Default Rate 30% or Greater)

Default Prevention Resources -
Reducing Default Risk
Click on items in this box to access default risk reduction resources for schools. These include information about the definition of default, applicable regulations, and school assessment activities.
Definition of Default for Student Eligibility and CDRs
Default Management FSA Assessment
Default Prevention Resources -
Delinquency Reports
Click on items in this box to access delinquent borrower identification resources for schools. These reports are offered by Federal Student Aid through its National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).
NSLDS Reports

Default Prevention Resources -
Cohort Default Rates
Click on items in this box to access cohort default rate resources for schools. These include information about cohort default rate calculations, searches, FAQs, appeals, and new initiatives.
Default Management Web site
Cohort Default Rate Guide
3-Year Official Cohort Default Rate Search
Cohort Default Rate and Repayment FAQs
eCDR Appeals Web site
Default Prevention Resources -
Training at Your Fingertips
Click on items in this box to access default-related training resources for schools. These open directly to key Federal Student Aid training presentations offered through conferences and webinars.
NSLDS 2014 Enrollment Reporting
Default Aversion and Management - FSA E-Training
Creating a Successful Student Loan Experience
School Tools for Aversion & Default Management
Loan Counseling Tools
FSA Assessments: A Tool to Enhance Compliance

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