New PLUS Application Acknowledgment Fields

The EDExpress Direct Loan module enables you to import and store data sent in PLUS Application Acknowledgment files (message class CRSP12OP) generated by the COD System. The PLUS Application Acknowledgment contains loan application and credit check data submitted by PLUS and Grad PLUS borrowers and endorsers on Federal Student Aid’s Web site. The COD System stores PLUS application data submitted on the Web site and distributes it in PLUS Application Acknowledgment files to the schools indicated by the borrower.

For 2011-2012, the COD System collects the following additional data on the Web site and includes the corresponding fields in PLUS Application Acknowledgment files: School Credit Balance Option, Unknown Loan Amount, Application Submission Reason, Six Month Deferment Option, Award Range Requested Start Date, and Award Range Requested End Date. The COD System now also includes a Previous Application ID field value if the student's Web application is a modification to a previously submitted application.

EDExpress stores data sent for the new fields when you import a PLUS Application Acknowledgment. The new fields and values (which cannot be modified) are available for review on the Credit/PLUS App Info tab, which is accessible from the Direct Loan Origination tab. You can also use the new fields in Direct Loan Query, File Formats setup, and Browse functionality.

Also, if the new Previous Application ID field contains a value, EDExpress attempts to match the PLUS or Grad PLUS record to the application ID of an existing loan record in EDExpress. If a match is not found in the database, EDExpress creates a new PLUS or Grad PLUS loan record for the student. If a match is found, EDExpress updates the loan record with the information in the PLUS Application Acknowledgment file, depending on the origination status and Loan Amount Approved field value of the existing loan record.

For more information on importing and reviewing PLUS Application Acknowledgment data, visit the Creating Loans from Import, Creating a PLUS Loan, and Creating a Grad PLUS Loan lessons in the Direct Loan course.


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